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They are here, the Shimano Calcutta Conquest in the 300 and 400 sizes!  With its status as Shimano’s benchmark round reel series, the tackle maker expands the Calcutta Conquest line-up with the new 300 and 400 size models, offered in either right- and left-hand retrieve. With more spool capacity, but with Shimano’s ‘S Compact Body Design’ for all-day fishing comfort, the new Calcutta Conquest 300, 301, 400 and 401 are ideal for casting big swimbaits for bass, big bucktails and jerkbaits in musky waters, and inshore saltwater use to target bluefish, stripers and tarpon. Along with Shimano’s ‘S Compact Body Design’, the Calcutta Conquest reels offer a higher level of performance with features including Micro Module Gear technology, Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D), and SVS Infinity Braking System. As with the smaller 100 and 200 size reel, the larger 300 and 400 Conquest reels focus on durability, vibration reduction and rigidity. “Anglers experience the best from Shimano,” said Chris Hess with Shimano’ product development staff, “and when going after big fish with big baits, you’ll appreciate our cold-forging manufacturing capabilities.”

The Micro Module gear system takes Shimano’s technology another step forward 
by reducing the size, while increasing the number of gear teeth on the pinion and drive 
gear. “While anglers know all about the smoothness of Shimano reels, as the flagship 
round baitcasting reel we take the Conquest to the next level, leading to not only exceptional casting distance, but also exceptional power and durability,” Hess said. 
Shimano’s SVS Infinity brake system controls spool speed for precision casting 
especially when using lighter lures. An external adjustment knob provides for quick, precise adjustments for either the conditions or when you switch. Anglers will also 

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