Savage Gear Savage Grip Swimbait Hooks

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The Savage Gear Savage Grip Swimbait Hooks are custom built to pair perfectly with Savage Gear's Pulse Tail Swimbaits. For easy and reliable rigging, simply snap the hook into the quick-change clip on the nose of any of the LB (Loose Body) Swimbaits and insert the hook through the belly slot for a completely weedless presentation. These are a heavy duty swimbait hook perfect for horsing fish out of heavy cover and thick vegetation. The weight along the hook shank is thoughtfully shaped to allow for easy passing into the belly slot for quick hook point exposure at the moment of a bite.

4/0 - 1/4oz - Black

6/0 - 1/4oz - Black

7/0 - 3/8oz - Black

8/0 - 1/4oz - Black - LB Bluegill Hook. 

8/0 - 3/8oz - Raw


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