Savage Gear Line Thru 3D 8" Swimbait

Like swimbait fishing, check out the Savage Gear! They have come up with a great swimbait called the 3D Line Thru.  This 8" swimbait has a very enticing action to big largemouth bass, striped bass, and muskie.  Not only does it swim well but it is extremely durable with a mesh that runs throughout the bait inside the rubber.  You don't see it and it doesn't impair the action, but it allows you to catch fish over and over again without tearing or separating.  

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It's a line thru and like all line thru baits, the hook stays in the fishes mouth while the rubber slides on the line.  This helps prevent the fish from throwing the hook.  As a fish thrashes it's head around trying to get the lure off, the weight of the lure can cause it to be thrown at times.  This is virtually eliminated with a line thru type swimbait.  

Savage Gear has a molded head that adds weight but also has guides for the line as you tie it on.  The tunnels inside the head insure that the line won't cut through the bait during casting or while on a fish.  The top hook also gets held in with the same hard head insuring that it stays in place during casting but comes out when a fish bites it.  The hard head is inside the plastic so you don't see it and it remains soft with the outer rubber body.  

We have found that the paint that Savage Gear uses has a lot of paint smell and we recommend leaving it out of the package so the smells can vape off.  Let it hang outside, but out of the sun, would be best so that air movement can help remove these odors.  That said, we have been bit right out of the package so don't be afraid to fish it when it's new.  

3.25 oz


Top Hook

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