Savage Gear 6" 3D Line Thru Trout

Designed by renowned lure-builder, Mads Grosell, the Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Swimbait is built specifically for targeting big bass. The bait is scanned from a real trout and has all the features including nostrils, teeth, scales, and fins.  In order to make it durable enough to catch big fish, there is a mesh that runs throughout the entire body virtually eliminating the possibility of the bait tearing apart.

Once you're hooked up, the Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Swimbait slides up the line, so that bass cannot use the weight of the lure to spit the hook. In the back of the head, a specially designed cavity holds the hook securely in place and keeps it from ripping the body during casts and hook sets. In addition, the hook positioning also allows it to move through heavy cover and ensures that bass don’t see any components or hook hangers when they spy it from below.