Roman Made Mother Trap

See all Roman Made Mother colors.  This is the floating version of Roman Made's legendary monster swimbait, the Mother.  It's (300g) 11.4  ounces and features 2X ultra-sharp tin hooks.  This bait is 11.5 inches of pure fish drawing power.  

It's called the Trap because it gives the appearance that it's two fish which traps the predator fish into thinking the center of the bait is another fish.  Most predator fish like to get head shots and this bait fools them into thinking the middle of the bait is a head.  This results in more strikes and better hook-up ratios because the predator doesn't have to try to get the front of the bait.  It has the drawing power of a big bait but increases the likelihood of a strike by making it appear smaller.

Each Roman Made Mother swimbait takes roughly 12 hours to build. Up to 6 craftsmen work full time making the swimbait line, and attention to detail is what makes these baits unique. The baits are made of special wood that Toshinori Takeyama, the founder of Roman Made, selects himself. Even within the same species of wood, the densities can be different enough to impart undesired actions in the finished product. Every bait is hand tuned and weighted to make up for those differences in the wood.


This limited production Mother is going to be difficult to find due to the one time production of 250 baits. The paint job is one of a kind and these are sure to become collectibles. Once these are gone, they're gone!







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