Roman Made Mother Swimbait

The Roman Made Mother is in a league of her own.  This is a big bait designed for big fish!!!  It commands a presence like no other swimbait we've seen and it's impressive drawing power is second to none.  Fish will rise from the depths to examine and attack this lure with violent strikes.  As it swims through the water, you will notice it's very wide and fluid "S" pattern that has become so successful in todays new swimbait designs.  Even at a slow wind, the lure keeps it's swimming action as it meanders through the water in a very unassuming yet powerful presence.  

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We recommend 30 and even 40 pound line with an extra heavy 8' to 9' rod.  We have been experimenting with using 65 pound braided line with a 40 pound top shot 2' to 3' long, this gives us greater casting distance.  Using braided line on this heavy of a lure has a certain amount of pucker factor, but we feel the increased casting distance and heavier line make it worth it.  It's more of a lobbed cast than a snappy cast, so the chances of a backlash are less.  The lure weighs in at 10.4 ounces on our scale with some slight variations depending on the tuning and weighting that the craftsman at Roman Made have performed.  

Remember that this is a hand crafted swimbait by true masters in their field.  If you're ready to take it to the next level and target big fish, this should be your weapon of choice.

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