Roboworm 5" EZ Shad Swimbait

Size: 5"

Style:  EZ Shad Swimbait

Quantity: 3 per pack


Roboworm has reached perfection with the new EZ Shad swimbait. The Roboworm EZ Shad features a tight swimming action and is completely weedless thanks to a hook hiding belly slit. Recommended hook size and weight is a 4/0 or 5/0 1/4 ounce extra wide gap superline hook. The EZ Shad is poured using a durable plastic formula that will live up to numerous catches while still providing the EZ Shad with realism that fish cannot resist. All of the right colors are being offered in the Roboworm EZ Shad, so pick them all up and put them to work. The EZ Shad will not disappoint, so make a permanent home for them in your swimbait arsenal.

Collections: Freshwater, Small Swimbaits

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