Revenge Baits Swim Jigs 3/8 oz

Revenge 3/8 oz Swim Jigs are made of only the best components.  From the high quality silicone skirt, strong yet sharp hook, superior finish, and 3D eyes, it just doesn't get much better.  We fish these with a Keitech Swing Impact Fat 3.8 matching the color to the jig head and skirt.  Even though the barb on the shank of the hook is significant, we like to put a little dab of Zap-A-Gap just before sliding the tail all the way up over the barb.  This ensures that short strikes won't pull the bait off and several fish can be caught before it's time to change it out.  

Quantity 1 per package.

Collections: Freshwater, Swim Jigs

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