Revenge Baits Spinnerbait Heavy Duty Willow/Willow

Revenge spinnerbaits are in the top of the class when it comes to the details that count.  When you are targeting jumbo sized bass most times you need a jumbo sized bait. The Heavy Duty line of spinnerbaits from Revenge baits were designed to catch and live through battle after battle with the big brutes in your favorite body of water. The Heavy Duty Spinnerbait is built using .045 spring tempered wire and a 6/0 Mustad ultra point hook. Ideal for anglers making their way south of the border or to some of the hog factories here in the states the Revenge Heavy Duty is a spinnerbait you cannot leave home without.

Ideal for clear water presentations, the Revenge Double Willow Spinnerbaits are designed to deliver maximum flash with minimal vibration. Built around super-sharp 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hooks for maximum fish penetration and strength, each bait also features detailed head designs with deep, black life-like eyes and hue-shifting paints. Just like a natural bait fish, the hue-shifting paints allow the heads to shimmer in changing angles of light as they move through the water. Revenge blades, stamped from thin metal, are also deeply cupped which allows for easy rotation even on the fall or when cranked slowly. The fine-gauge wire used for the bait's arm also helps facilitate maximum flash. Held firmly in place by Revenge's Stay-On skirt keeper, custom 40-strand silicon skirts compliment and complete Revenge's winning presentation. Get those finicky fish to react – with the Revenge Double Willow Spinnerbaits.

Collections: Freshwater, Spinnerbaits

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