Reins Punchin' Predator

Reins Japanese Punchin Predator are impregnated with what they call Tasty Shrimp flavor.  This unique scent has been proven to getting weary bass to commit.  The body is thicker in the middle to keep the hook point in a good position and not get  snagged constantly. The longer body allows for a larger 5/0 hook for better hook sets.  Other punch baits wear and tear very easily around the hook hole to the extent that some of those baits have to get thrown away before ever catching a fish. The common design concept up until now is that the gliding action is caused on the body of this lure style.  Reins have found to the contrary that the gliding action of this bait comes from the tail. Understanding this, they were able to adjust the body thickness to keep the hook positioned well without affecting the desired gliding action.

The tail is a more modern design with a natural streamlined look. It can be used as a gliding rudder, or separated to work as flappers.

The pinchers are round, not flat. This is VERY important and different than all others in that when packaged in most cases of a pack of six in other brands, half the pack is hardly usable, because the pincers will be flattened in a way to act as a rudder and make the bait spin when fished on a lighter weight. By making the pincers round doesn't take away from the water displacement properties and purpose, but ensures all baits out of the pack are fishable and do not need to be examined and discarded because they bag memory. 

Collections: Creature Baits, Freshwater

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