Reins Palpuntin Finesse Jigging Spoons

The Reins Palpuntin Spoon is a deadly spoon for finesse fishing. The Palpuntin will thrive when fishing in high pressured waters, areas with small baitfish present, and ice fishing. The Reins Palpuntin Spoon has a deadly, enticing action. As the lure falls on slack line, the Palpuntin will back slide with a wobbling and fluttering action(similar to some very popular saltwater jigs) resulting in most strikes occurring on the fall. The unique design is attributed to the keeled underside belly and specific weight displacement. The Reins Palpuntin Spoon comes equipped with Cultiva Treble hooks.

Available in:

2g, 3.5g, 5g, 7g, 9g, 11g

Collections: Freshwater, Spoons