Reins Craw Tube

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Reins Japanese baits are impregnated with what they call Tasty Shrimp flavor.  This unique scent has been proven to getting weary bass to commit. Slightly smaller than others to slip through thick mats, but still fits a 5/0 hook. Others seem to have an excess of plastic, and the the tube folds on the hook, resulting in lost fish.

This tube introduces a new concept of having one side of the tube flat.  The rigidity of one flat side gives it a slight gliding action, but also keeps the tube from folding on the hook, increasing hookups.

Round claws instead of flattened rudders will keep it from spinning unnaturally through the water like a helicopter and twisting the line.

The pincers can be torn off, and the remaining tube can be fished with a jighead or as a Texas rigged tube with a bigger hook. When rigging it on a jighead and dragging it, it's not too big, not too small profile is sure entice bass into biting this unique bait.


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