Reins 5" Bubbling Shaker

The Reins 5" Bubbling Shaker is a soft yet durable worm that can be used for a variety of techniques like shakeyhead, neko rig, drop shot, Carolina rig, Texas rig, you name it this worm can do it.  It has unique ribs down the length of the it but instead of having them all separated, Reins has connected them with a small linear fin.  This gives you the vibration and water movement out of the fins, but also gives you the durability with them being connected.  

The tail has a pin type appendage that entices bass while with the smallest flicker, gives a ton of action.  Reins also puts a unique and deadly sent impregnated in each worm adding even more bass catching ability.  As with all of reins products, they have taken it to the next step with attention to detail and unique designs.  We have caught lots of fish on this worm and we are confident that you will too.

Also available in these sizes.

3" Bubbling Shaker

4" Bubbling Shaker

3" - 11 per pack

4" - 8 per pack

5" - 7 per pack

Collections: Freshwater

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