Rapala X-Rap XRMAG-10 Divebait 10'

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The Rapala X-Rap XRMAG-10 dives down to 10 feet while trolling.  Each lure is tank tested and approved by the Rapala staff and is guaranteed to swim true.  The hooks are 4X strong and the hardware is matched so you won't loose fish due to equipment failure. We recommend not changing hooks or split rings out as they are perfectly matched for the lure.  We sharpen our hooks if they dull but if you need to change them out, they are VMC hooks. 

You can troll these lures up to 10 knots but we always pull them at 7 to 8 knots. The smaller baits like the 10 and 15 size require smaller line in the 40 to 50lb range.  With this smaller line the lure will swim better and track better.  If you need to cover water in order to get bit, these are the ticket.  

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