Rapala X-Rap Long Cast

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We all know longer casts mean more water covered and the Rapala X-Rap Long Cast allows you to do just that.  Rapala has increased the weight of the 14 size to 1 7/8oz from the original X-Rap which weighs 1 1/2oz.  That's 3/8oz more weight for approximately 25% additional casting distance.  If you make 100 casts at 30 feet per cast you'd cover 3000 feet.  By using the Rapala X-Rap Long Cast, that means you will cover 750 more feet in the same period of time!  That a lot of acreage covered just by using this lure.  

We are excited about fishing this long cast version for yellowtail, calico bass, and tuna.  Often times the fish are boat shy and getting just a few yards more on a cast can make that difference between a good day and a great day.  They all feature 3X strong VMC single tin hooks for maximum penetration and strength.


Silent (No rattles, we like that!)

Size 12 - Swim Depth 4-5 feet, 4-3/4" Long, 1-1/4oz

Size 14 - Swim Depth 4-5 fee, 5-1/2" Long, 1-7/8oz

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