Rapala Snap Rap

The new Rapala Snap Rap takes the concept of Rapala's deadly Jigging Rap and improved and optimized it for use with a steady snap retrieve on sandy/gravel bottoms. West Coast anglers are sure to fall in love with this jig in their deep, clear-water reservoirs. It features an oversized, gliding tail wing that makes the bait glide left and right after each snap of the rod tip. It mimics a baitfish trying to escape from a hungry predator. On the fall the bait will seductively glide down like an injured baitfish.


The Snap Rap features two fixed single hooks on the nose and tail of the bait along with one treble hook towards the center of the bait. This jig is a must have during those cold, winter months when the fish have gone deeper and are lethargic.


SNR08 - 3 1/8" - 7/8oz

Collections: Freshwater, Spoons