RAID Level Crank Mid Crankbait

The RAID Level Crank Mid was designed as a crankbait that will attack the mid range water column (1.5-2m = 5 – 7') with ease. Depths of 5 – 7' (AKA Golden Range) are too deep for conventional shallow runners. Conventional mid range cranks dive too steep and add unnecessary reeling resistance which makes difficult to properly attack the Golden Range. LEVEL CRANK MID has been designed to specifically attack this depth with deadly efficiency.
When water gets deeper, water pressure on lure and line increases accordingly & 
once a lure gets caught on bottom, it is not easy to get it out. Conventional 
steep diving mid range crankbaits have the common weakness of getting stuck on hard bottom such as rip rap, rocks, etc which are usually present at this depth.
LEVEL CRANK MID is designed with unique catapult like lip. This enables the lure
to dive in shallower fashion, creating softer (finer) contact with bottom.
The shallower diving angle has another notable benefit. It has much less 
retrieval resistance. Anyone can cast and retrieve with their own tempo and ease 
which increases fishing efficiency.
Level Crank Mid is a floater. Inside the body is RAID's signature Dragon Rib Design. It has a fixed weight system. It has a perfect weight balance. Although it is has a
fixed weight with a long lip, anglers can enjoy unbelievable cast feel.
2.34 Inches

Collections: Crankbaits, Freshwater

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