Power Team Lures 10" Ribbon Hinge Worm

Style: Ribbon Hinge Worm 

Size: 10"

Qty: 8 Per Pack


It's no secret that big worms are responsible for numerous wins on the tournament trail. Put PowerTeam's 10" Ribbon Hinge Worm in the front line of your arsenal and feel what it's like to be the leader of the pack. Not only does the overall size of this worm displace an awesome amount of water, but the buoyancy of our plastic causes the hinged tail to sway with a quirky action that falls in between that of a ribbontail and straight tail worm. Whether you Texas rig it, Carolina rig it, or even throw it weightless, this beefy worm will demand the attention from any hogs lurking in the area. And for those of you who hunt for trophy bass after hours, night fishing will never be the same. 



Collections: Freshwater, Worms

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