Picasso Double Barrel Underspin

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The Picasso Double Barrel Underspin is the most innovative and effective Underspin on the market today.  The innovation of using titanium wire with tungsten balls to keel the bait is ingenious.  As you drag or skip this bait on the bottom, the blades turn causing flash and the wires keep the bait off the bottom reducing snags and elevating the hook for better hook sets.

It was designed by 2010 FLW Championship Winner Kevin Hawk. It features Picasso's signature head design which helps resist the bait rising up in the water column, leaving it in the strike zone longer. The double willow blades are attached using Nickel Titanium wire which makes them completely flexible while always going back to their original position. This also allows them to collapse on the hook set ensuring a good hookup. On the wires there are two tungsten beads which keeps the bait in line and prevents it from rolling over.


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