Phenix Pro Series Tim Klinger Spinnerbaits

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The Phenix Pro Series Tim Klinger Spinnerbaits, accounting for countless numbers of fish from coast-to-coast, its hand-painted, chip-resistant head complete with 3D eyes and a 40-strand skirt with Flashabou accents only adds to its deadly fish catching ability.  Each Tim Klinger Spinnerbait is also equipped with an exclusive, super sharp Gamakatsu Curved Shank Hook for solid hook sets and fewer missed fish.


Tim Klinger's Pro Tips-

My compact spinnerbait has put countless numbers of fish in my live well, the blade combinations are perfect, They catch fish coast to coast. Cast the spinnerbait and retrieve at a steady rate, stopping and starting the bait periodically. Use a sensitive medium action rod and be aware of the vibration of the blades as you retrieve the spinner. Fish the bait with a fast burn retrieve in the warmer summer months. Slow roll the spinner along the bottom with a bouncing motion in the colder winter months.



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