Phenix Axis Series Rods

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The Phenix Axis series utilizes the latest in material and design. Built with composite blends of S-glass, T-16 carbon fiber and graphite materials, while incorporating a multi-helix construction design, the Axis series is perfect for any saltwater environment. Dynamic in performance, quality, and sensitivity, but with the backbone structure to allow you to fish with total confidence. Keeping with our thin diameter and lightweight material, we feel the new Axis rod series is what anglers and enthusiast have come to expect from Phenix Rods!

The 7'2" 2X Heavy and 3X Heavy are considered rail rods with a longer foregrip.  You may ask yourself "Why would I want a rod that long and that heavy?"  The longer rod is necessary for a rail rod because so much of the rod is fore grip.  When the fore grip is put on the rail, you may have only 4-5 feet of the rod actually fighting the fish.  The more rod you have outside the rail, on the water side of the rail, the more the fish has to fight.  This makes it much easier for the angler to fight the fish because the fulcrum is now the rail and not your arms.  


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