PB Rat Wakebaits

The PB Rat Wakebait is the lure that will land you your next Personal Best.  The PB Rats are a resin bait with a sleek contour body and a head and bill designed for searching for those Big Bites. They come in 2 styles a standard 2-piece and the PB crushing 3-piece. The PB Rat Wakebaits come stock with gnarley VMC Split Rings and Owner Stinger Treble size 1 in the rear and 1/0 in the front.  PB Rats do come in solid colors however the swirl patterns are unique and no two swirl patterns are the same.  Tail colors may vary and are held on with a screw lock and can be easily changed after being chewed.

2-Piece - 5" Body - 2.3oz

3-Piece - 7" Body - 2.5oz

4-Piece - 9" Body - 3.5oz  

Colors will vary, may not match picture. Please call if you have any questions. Sorry no sales or discounts apply for this item.