Owner ST-36 Treble Hooks

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Owner ST-36 Treble Hooks have a black chrome rust resistant finish.  The Super Needle Point is dang sharp right out of the box.  Many manufacturers use owner hooks on the lures including Lucky Craft so you know they are quality hooks.  They balance perfect on hard baits without overweighting the lure and affecting the action.  This is a light wire hook so it's (1X ) strong but if you are looking for something stronger, we carry the full line including ST-41 (2X), STX-58 (3X+), and ST-46TN (4X.)

1X = 1 times strong, it's the minimum strength

2X = 2 times as strong as 1X

3X = 3 times as strong as 1X

4X = 4 times as strong as 1X

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