Owner Single Replacement Hooks 3X Strong

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Owner Single Replacement Hook XXX-Strong - Great for replacing trebles on large saltwater baits. Made with Zo-Wire, the wire strength is stronger than other traditional high carbon steel wires. This means smaller hook wire diameters for better penetration and a Super Needle Point that will not roll over or dull. These single hooks are less damaging to fish when practicing hook and release, and also safer for angler's when handling fish on boat decks. These are perfect for handling the largest of Tuna (if the lure can hold up), and Giant Trevally. Features include Vacum-tinned finish for corrosion prevention, and Super Needle Point.  Also check out the 1X Owner Single Hooks here.

Model      Size   Weight

4102-119 #1/0 (.60g)

4102-129 #2/0 (.78g)

4102-139 #3/0 (1.12g)

4102-149 #4/0 (1.51g)

4102-159 #5/0 (2.49g)

4102-179 #7/0 (3.79g)

4102-199 #9.0 (6.48g)

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