Owner Sabiki Fish Catchers Squid

The Owner Sabiki Fish Catchers Squid rigs are great for catching bigger bait fish.  We have 5526-115 and 5525-075 models in stock.  They feature 2 hooks per rig in white and pink.  They have foil strands inside each tube with glitter embedded in the tube.  Each hooks had a green glow bead that is free sliding on the line for maximum efficiency.  One end of the line has a swivel and the other end has a swivel with a clasp for attaching the weight.  We recommend a 1oz - 3oz torpedo weight.  Simply drop it to the desired depth and move it slowly up and down with the rod tip.  Pin on a small piece of live squid onto each hook for weary bait.

5526-115 features 40# monofilament drop lines and 50# monofilament main line

5525-075 features 20# monofilament drop lines and 30# monofilament main line

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