Okuma Makaira 15TII-SEa 2 Speed Lever Drag Reel

The Makaira family of lever drag reels have been a staple on long range boats up and down the coast for several years now. Now, the new Okuma Makaira 15TII-SEa will find its way onto the rail with its extreme capacity and fish stopping power. This incredible range of lever drag reels, has just gotten more powerful. The Okuma Makaira 15TII-SEa came about to fill an obvious void between the Makaira 15 to the 16 size reels. The new 15T is a taller, more compact body design than the existing Makaira 15.

We talked to Okuma’s Director of Product Development, John Bretza, for the inside scoop on the new reel’s development and target audience. “The majority of today’s offshore anglers are fishing braided line or some type of combination,” Bretza continues. ” This allows anglers to fish smaller reels for bigger fish.  In order to improve on our success with the original MK-15II, we developed a new platform that we refer to as “T” which means “Tall”. 

This new platform offers a narrower, but larger diameter frame and spool.  The key to the larger diameter spool is that with the same gear ratios, we can now offer increased line pickup in both high and low speeds without sacrificing cranking power. In high speed, anglers will gain an additional 5.4 inches of line pickup and in low speed an additional 2.1 inches. 

The other major key to the increased spool diameter is that we can also incorporate a larger diameter drag system.” Okuma says the new Makaira 15T can output up to 18 percent more drag pressure, generating 32-lbs at strike and 40-lbs at full.  The narrower frame also offers the advantage in that it reduces side-to-side wobble when cranking, because it offers a more compact design, while still offering about 5 percent more line capacity compared to the original 15-sized reel. 

The new Okuma Makaira 15TII-SEa is one of the most highly anticipated new reels from Okuma and is a true workhorse based on the numbers that this reel can generate.

Right hand only, sorry lefties. 



Braid Capacity

Gear Ratio

Line Retrieve

Max Drag @ Full

Max Drag at Strike





4.7:1 & 2.1:1

39" & 17.0"




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