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The Nitta Front Rig R3, Nitta Bait Harness N3, Live Zips, and Bridle Zips are the easiest and most effective way to rig a dead bait for trolling.  There is no sewing necessary and everything you need is included in the kit.  In just a few minutes you can rig a dead bait and have it run true and have the same action as trolling a live bait.  

Front Rig - Can be used for slender baits or oval shaped baits.  Includes 1 rig, 2 black rubber expanders, and oval shaped bait adapter.  See rigging video below.

Bridle Zip - This isn't your normal zip tie, it has a plastic needle molded into it. Qty 25

Bridle Harness - Holds your hook to the bait with a zip tie and clear band.  Comes with 2 harnesses, 5 zip ties, and 3 small and 3 medium clear bands.  See rigged image below.

Live Zip - Can be used on for live bait trolling and holds the hook securely on the head. It also has a built in molded plastic needle to put through the bait's eyes.  Qty 25. See rigged image below.

Small and Medium Clear Bands - 50 bands per pack

The benefits of using the Nitta Fishing system is endless.  

1.  You can catch your bait on another day, vacuum seal it flat and freeze it.  When you have a trip planned you don't have to spend time prior to fishing catching bait or maybe bait isn't available to catch that day.  It only takes a few minutes to rig and you're in the water.  

2.  For us birds are a common problem.  They are constantly eating our baits when we slow troll live bait. With the Nitta system we can troll faster and get the bait down just out of the birds reach.  That saves time and keeps our bait in the water longer resulting in more strikes.

3.  Slow trolling is extremely effective but you don't cover much water.  This system allows us to troll faster and cover more water.   On a slow troll our speed it around 3MPH but with the Front Rig we can troll 5-6MPH covering almost twice as much water.

4.  In conjunction with the Nitta R3 Front Rig, the N3 Bait Harness moves the hook back to the center of the bait.  Slow trolling is done with the hook in the nose of bait causing missed hookups.  Having the hook in the middle increases the hook up rate up to 50%.

 5.  Normally we can slow troll 2 baits, but with the Nitta system we can troll multiple baits at the same time.  Because we can troll faster, we are able to run 2 Nitta baits just and 2 Rapala X-Rap's at the same time.  Normal slow trolling is too slow for a Rapala, but this system allows us to fish faster so we are able to cover the surface with the Nitta baits and the Rapala from 10-30 feet, thus covering multiple parts of the water column.  

6.  If you don't have a dead bait to rig, just kill one of your live baits and rig it up.  Give it a good whack on the rail and start rigging.  


Live Zip

Bait Harness 

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