Mustad InkVader Octopus Jigs

The Mustad InkVader is a revolutionary TPE octopus soft bait that is built to look and move exactly like a live octopus, even squirting non-toxic and soluble ink from tablets that can be added to the head cavity. Whether you’re bouncing it off the bottom, slow trolling or slow pitch jigging, the InkVader is the closest you’ll ever get to the real thing.

The new Mustad InkVader Octopus Jigs comes in three sizes, 10 weight configurations, and nine natural colors. The jig is pre-rigged with Mustad UltraPoint Duratin Assist hooks. Each kit comes with 10 ink tablets.


  • Incredible life like Octopus with ink and scent
  • Constructed using 10x strong TPE material
  • Included: 10 Octopus scented ink tablets


The Mustad product development team has spent the better part of the past few years combining a number of innovations to create the most lifelike Octopus imitation, which comes in three sizes and a wide range of colors, and can be equipped with soluble ink-tablets. Learn more about the development process in Designing the Ink Vader: