Molix Lover Skirted Vibration Jig

The Molix Lover Vibrating Jig is very similar to the chatterbait that we have all come to know and love, with a couple of key differences. First, the lip itself is made of a durable, clear ABS plastic. This clear lip really helps the Lover to excel in clear water lakes where a more subdued appearance is favored. It also features a hard head that is covered in a very realistic finish...this hard head provides a slightly different action than other chatterbaits on the market. It is definitely something the fish in your lake have never seen before. The high performance OMTD hook features dual bait keepers and accommodates any trailer you might want to attach to it.


The 3/8oz model features rattles and the 1/2oz model is silent.

Collections: Bladed Jigs, Freshwater