Megabass O.R.C. Over Rev Crank

Megabass O.R.C. Over Rev Crank are a flat side shallow crank that has succeeded in dramatically increasing roll speed!  The ORC’s super high-speed rolling is thanks to the newly developed GYRO BALANCING LBO mechanism that generates a high-speed wobbling roll like that of a roly-poly toy. This eliminates the need for the high-speed retrieves seen in previous flat sides which were needed to generate flashing. The ORC emits intense flashing and screw waves even during slow retrieves. It’s able to maintain a position directly under the surface for long periods of time, creating many opportunities to trigger bites. The ORC significantly raises the potential for contact with fish in shallow areas. If you retrieve it very slowly, it can perform as a topwater crank. In that situation, the GYRO BALANCER rhythmically strikes the body emitting a hard attack sound below the surface garnering attention from target fish. The ORC is a true shallow game revolutionary that features heightened shallow cover evasion performance and the ability to effectively draw out bites even when maintaining distance from cover.

Megabass O.R.C. Over Rev Crank 


Length: 70mm

Weight: 5/8oz

Depth: 0.0-0.1m

Hooks: #4