Megabass Gong Wakebait

The Megabass Gong comes straight from the waters in Japan, born in 2016. Being born in the year of the Monkey may help explain the Monkey Face.  Monkeys have a very magnetic personalities and are witty and intelligent.  All traits we see implanted in the Megabass Gong, a topwater wake bait with a small profile and a metal plate tail that can be fished up tight to cover, in the shallows and offshore.  The Gong causes a lot of commotion on the surface and displaces a lot of water which can really attract the bigger fish! With a huge body roll and loud metal tail plate Megabass has named the action "Rolling Monkey Dance

The Megabass Gong comes rigged with very sticky trebles and is available in two sizes: the full size Gong 2 3/4" at 7/8oz and the Gong Jr. 2 1/2" at 5/8oz.