Megabass Chitala Board Bait

The Megabass Chitala Board Bait was created alongside the worldwide monster hunter Takuya Kozuka, for a truly unique approach to the blade category.
Featuring a jointed stainless steel body with three blades, Chitala delivers multi-angled action to add dimension to traditional blade baits. Furthermore, Chitala is designed to collapse with the bite, preventing metal blades from interfering with hookups.
Designed for traditional lift/fall or steady retrieve approach, Chitala exhibits a multi-faceted flash, falling enticingly or tracing horizontal depths with equal grace. Extremely thin and durable 0.5mm steel blades are highly responsive, designed to exhibit a micro-fluttering fall, and smooth flashing back and forth retrieve. Standard setting is equipped with a front treble hook for horizontal approaches, but an extra treble hook can be added to the rear when needed.

Length: 55mm
Weight: 7g
Type: Sinking