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Madame Lure Plastic Swimbaits, Grubs, Creatures

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Madame Lure Plastic Swimbaits, Grubs, Creatures

Big Richard / Glow

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Madame Lures Plastics are Animal Tested. Animal Approved. That's our philosophy! Madame Lure offers you some of the finest fishing products, at a reasonable price. They were designed by fisherman, engineers, and ecologists. These lures represent the perfect balance and refinement that bring some of the most sought after game fish in the world straight to your hook. Why chase the fish with a boat and a depth finder when you can just throw any of our lures in the water and let the fish come to you! Check out our selection of custom big-game lures and get ready for a whole new level of fishing!

Big Richard at 7" fits flush with 12, 16 and 24oz lead heads.

This lure was designed with a very simple purpose: to take a beating. The designers at Madame Lure were tied of throwing swimbaits and having them get tails ripped off and damaged beyond repair after just one fish. So they made the Big Richard.

The Big Richard is a basic swimbait that is beefed up with harder plastic and a thick round tail. It is designed primarily to jig but can also be retrieved or trolled with ease. Most of all, it can handle repeated toothy fish and hold up enough to keep fishing so you aren't caught trying to pin on new baits right when the bite is red hot. This is the Rocky Balboa or swimbaits. It's short. It's stout. It can take a beating. it can set records.

Chub Grub is 9" fits flush with 12, 16 and 24oz lead heads.

At an unraveled length of 13-inches, this is one of the biggest soft plastic lures on the market. Though it may look similar, the tail of the Madame Grub has been specifically tailed to swim at any speed, and with any hardness of plastic. That allows us to make grubs out of the hardest plastic possible so you can keep landing toothy fish without having to switch baits.

The Madame Lure team has spent years fishing these lures in the deep waters between California and Alaska and it has taught us one thing: If you're tired of catching small fish and want to start catching your personal best cast after cast, SEND DOWN THIS GRUB!.

9" Creature performs best on 12, 16, and 24oz lead heads.

The Creature lure is a Scampi on steroids. This lure has been designed to take several heavy hits and still provide amazing action.  The 6 arms of the Madame Creature create a symphony of vibrations and sparkles that turn large fish onto frenzy mode. With so many arms, especially 2 before the hook, this lure can get hammered again and again and keep catching fish!

The best part about the Creature, is it is still functional even down to having one arm! Some commercial fisherman like to clip the front or middle arms to give the creature a different profile on days when the fish are fickle. the lure provides you with flexibility, durability, and most of all, dependability!

NOTE: Due to our injection molding process, each two toned grub comes out with a unique blend of the two base colors, giving these lures a nice hand made look.