Madame Lure Sand Dabs

Madame Lure Sand Dabs are Animal Tested. Animal Approved. That's our philosophy! Madame Lure offers you some of the finest fishing products, at a reasonable price. They were designed by fisherman, engineers, and ecologists. These lures represent the perfect balance and refinement that bring some of the most sought after game fish in the world straight to your hook. Why chase the fish with a boat and a depth finder when you can just throw any of our lures in the water and let the fish come to you! Check out our selection of custom big-game lures and get ready for a whole new level of fishing!

The Madame Sand Dab is 7 inches in length with a small grub tail to provide vibration. It's fished best with a 6 or 8 ounce lead head lightly jigged off the bottom. Some people have pinned these baits to a single dropper loop as well with great success!