M S Slammer Swimbaits

Mike Shaw's Slammer Handcrafted Swimbait is one of the most versatile big fish baits we've ever tried. The Slammer is hand-made out of high quality cedar wood by striper expert Mike Shaw in his facility in Atascadero, California. This lure has undergone years of on the water testing, with refinements and adjustments added to create a real fish catching wooden bait. There are several ways to fish this bait. The round cross-section lends itself well to floating on the top of the water. Cranking the Slammer slowly enough to create a wake on the surface, but fast enough to make the bait swim, can be deadly in the early morning or late evening when there is a calm surface. Walking the Slammer in this fashion can get some explosive topwater strikes and will allow you to fish it in shallow areas or over submerged grass and brush without fouling the hooks. Cranking the Slammer a little faster will submerge it and swim it one to three feet underwater. This method is effective when the fish are not on a heavy topwater bite and when the wind has chopped up the surface. For striper action, Mike likes to troll his bait on a downrigger or lead core line, and this bait is deadly for huge lake trout when fished the same way. The Slammer is responsible for catching enormous specimens of just about every freshwater game fish and some saltwater game fish in North America.

The seven and nine-inch baits can probably be thrown on a heavy rod, but the 12" and 14" baits are pretty big and may require a heavier rod. All sizes of the Slammer catch fish, so don't hesitate to try the big lures, too.

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