Lucky Craft Keroll Max

The Lucky Craft Keroll Max is a deadly low-light and night topwater bait. When reeled in with a slow steady pace its large, cupped resin mouth produces a steady "plop-plop-plop" wiggling action that bass are hypnotized by.

The Keroll Max also comes packaged with a small glow stick that fits into a slot on the back of the bait. The glow stick provides added fish attraction and also helps with visibility for the angler in low-light conditions. In addition to the glow stick, the white parts of the lure have a slight glow adding to the attraction in low-light conditions.  The bait features two size 4 premium treble hooks, one of which is feathered.

This type of lure is often better paralleled to the bank, points, or docks.  Try a stop and go retrieve or just a straight wind.  The action on the Keroll Max is unique allowing your presentation to stand out from lures other fishermen are using.  Tie one on and see what this unique wake bait can do!


2 3/4"


Collections: Freshwater, Topwater

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