Lingcod Jigs - Squid

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Lingcod Fishing can be done many ways, but one of the most fun and productive ways to catch Ling Cod is Jigging. We have all the tools you need in order to fish for Lingcod with Jigs.  The Lingcod Jigs - Squid Jigs have produced some super sized Lingcod for our customers over the last year since their debut and I'm sure there is many more to come. Lingcod fishing these jigs is effective for beginning jiggers and experts, they are designed to have maximum motion on their own!  Lings have been caught on them while the fishing rod was in the pole holder. 

Lingcod Jigs Squids are best fished with a slow up and down motion while letting it slam the bottom on the drop. Lingcod love to slam it on that upswing so hold on!! Lingcod fishing with jigs is a blast so pick up some jigs today and hold on tight!!