Keitech Swing Impact Fat 7.8

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The Keitech Swing Impact Fat offers fisherman a versatile bait that can be utilized with a lot of techniques and in almost any scenario. The Keitech Swing Impact FAT is thicker than the original, but just as killer on A-rigs, jigs, spinnerbaits, Texas-rigs, and Carolina Rigs. When fished, the large paddle tail of the Keitech Swing Impact FAT creates a distinct swinging action that fish find irresistible. The Keitech Swing Impact FAT is made with a special dual-injection molding process, which combines two salted plastics and gives it a well-balanced action at slow or fast speeds. Impregnated with a heavy dose of squid scent like all Keitech baits.


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Collections: Freshwater, Small Swimbaits

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