Imakatsu Waddle Bats Shallow Crankbait

The Imakatsu Waddle Bats line of shallow diving crankbaits is hands down one of the most effective, deadly, and original crankbaits that we have ever seen. The shape of the bait is that of a standard shallow diving crankbait, however, Imakatsu takes that design and adds a key element to it: the gold rudder in between the body of the crank and the rear treble. This gold rudder will actually hit the rear hook during retrieval causing the bait to jolt to one side. It produces the strike-inducing erratic action that used to only be achievable by knocking your bait into rocks, lumber, etc.

 Swimming Depth: 1-2 feet

Length: 5.6cm

Weight: 3/8oz


Collections: Crankbaits, Freshwater

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