Imakatsu Gillroid

The Imakatsu Gillroid is the most realistic bluegill swimbait offered on the market at the moment.. It comes with two soft plastic tails, the first is a flat tail that produces a traditional gliding movement, the second is a boot tail that provides much more water displacement and a thumping action.

The Imakatsu Gillroid possesses is slow-float bait, however, it can easily be altered with Storm Suspend Strips/dots to deliver the perfect rate of fall.

The Imakatsu Gillroid features a 3D Printed finish, a seamless fin design, 3D eyes and subtle gill plate accents.


6 inches



NOTE: 3D Hiviz Gill is the same as 3D Gill, however it has a chartreuse stripe on the top of the bait for tracking in the water

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