Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity
tails and hooks
Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity
Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity
Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity
Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity
Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity

Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity

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Size:Natural SUNAHAMI AYU #483
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Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity

Natural SUNAHAMI AYU #483

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

The Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity imported directly from Japan is a highly sought after Japanese swimbait known for getting big fish to bite. The Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity is a very versatile three-piece integrated Swimbait that comes with 3 different tails, a set of treble hooks, and 2 sets of side hook harnesses.  Making for easy customization in tough bite scenarios or to just change and adjust the style of the bait to cadences you want to fish. 

The Imakatsu 3D Replicator Trinity has three standard styles:

FlatTail Mode -  Is with Treble hooks and the Flat Tail, this is the most common setting for the replicator. It features a S-shape action with a spontaneous action that keeps bait moving on the stop and a side darting performance with a twitch of the rod to the left or right. The Replicator with the treble hooks and a flat tail is a big bait that combines the benefits of articulated big baits and single jointed big baits.

Length: 17.5cm    Weight: 2.4oz    Type: Dead Slow Floating


BootsTail Mode - Is with Treble hooks and the Boot Tail, this setting is used manly in colder water situations when the bite is tough. It will change the action into more of a swimming action where only the tail kicks. It is a setting that preforms best on a super slow retrieve like when site fishing where you wanna keep the bait in the zone as long as possible.

Note: the Boot tail will increase the buoyancy of the bait and will float; it can be adjusted by tuning and sticking lead strips on the abdomen of the bait.

Length: 18.5cm    Weight: 2.4oz    Type: Floating


JavallonTail Mode - Is with the Treble hooks and the Javallon tail, this style will seem like the bait was given another joint with the original Ibaraka type horizontal fishtail. It will produce a "shiver action" that is unique to to articulated big baits, it inherits the DNA of "Jaballon Hard" that exhibits great action with ultra-high speeds, jerking, figure 8's, and even dead sticking.

Length: 22.0    Weight: 2.4oz    Type: Slow Floating


Horn Hook Option - The BHH is a side hook developed exclusively for fishing big baits on complicated bottoms. To use remove all treble hooks, connect the split rings to the agori hanger, and insert the keeper part into the hook holder holes on the side.  The Horn Hooks can be adjusted to your liking, stock they are at a 45 degree angle.

Also has a chin weight hanger to add weight to create different actions.



2 - matching Flat tails

2 - matching Boot tails

1 - matching Javallon tail

2 - Horn Hook rigs