IMA Suspending Vibe 70

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The Ima Suspending Vibration features a larger body than the popular Rock N Vibe and will suspend 3-4 feet below the surface.   Most lipless crankbaits sink making these unique.  It features a tight, pulsating action that entices bass into striking.

Equipped with top quality components, the Ima Suspending Vibration has very sharp treble hooks and stout stainless steel split rings that will provide years of reliable use. It is also available in a range of highly realistic colors that will fool even the most seasoned bass. Offering anglers a multipurpose lure that’s part lipless crankbait and part jerkbait, the Ima Suspending Vibration is in a league of its own and different from any other lipless crankbait on the market.

Ima Length Weight Depth
Suspending Vibe 2.75" 3/8oz 3-4ft

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