Halco Max 130 Trolling/Casting Lure

The Halco Max 130 is a great trolling lure for salt and freshwater species.  The Max 130 can be trolled at high speeds of up to 12 knots and has very little trolling resistance due to it's slender profile.  The slim tail design gives it excellent hook exposure for great hook sets.  

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Although mainly a trolling lure, the Max 130 can be used in a cast and retrieve method as well.  Use a high speed reel and burn it back for the correct action on the lure.  It measures 5 1/2" and 2.82 ounces.  Give it a try on tuna, yellowtail, barracuda, wahoo, stripers, and many other aggressive species.  

130mm/5.12" / 80g/2.82 oz. 

Max was named the Best New Hard Body Lure at the 2007 Australian Tackle Show.

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