Don Iovino 4 1/2" Fatboy Worm

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Don Iovino, a legend in bass fishing, knows what fishing soft plastic baits is all about and when he puts his name on a bait, you can have the confidence that it will meet or exceed your performance expectations. Anglers who use his custom hand pour worms know how effective they can be, and how much big bass pay attention.

These worms have an enticing look with a fatter head, ribbed mid section, and a fanned tail.  Loaded with salt, bass will hang on giving you time to set the hook.  Perfect for drop shot, shaky head, Texas, and Carolina rig, fish it and you'll see it's fish catching potential.

4 1/2" Fatboy Worm

Quantity 25 per pack

Collections: Freshwater, Worms

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