Don Iovino 3" Reaper

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The Don Iovino 3" Reaper is a finesse bait made by a legend in bass fishing.  He knows what fishing soft plastic baits is all about and when he puts his name on a bait, you can have the confidence that it will meet or exceed your performance expectations. Anglers who use reaper baits know how effective they can be, and how much big bass pay attention.

The Don Iovino Reaper's wide thin tail waves and moves even when fished slowly, and when it's flipped or pitched, its fall is natural and slow. The head section of the Don Iovino Reaper is also thicker and tough to hold your hook even when you drag it through the tough stuff. The Don Iovino Reapers are available in proven fish catching colors, and they're packed with salt. The combination of their soft texture and the salt taste make bass hang on.

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