Deps MT. Wake Jointed Cover Wake Bait

The Deps MT. Wake Jointed Cover Wake Bait is a high response wake bait that helps to draw fish from cover. It features a wide oversized lip that gives it a great action designed to get a reaction from fish, even when they are not in a feeding mood.

During the retrieve, the bait swims just below the surface as the bait moves side-to-side. The jointed body allows the segments to rub together to create additional sound, while the rear blade helps to add flash and vibration.

The profile of the bait perfectly imitates a variety of baitfish and helps to create a natural look during the retrieve. The bait floats at rest in a horizontal position to add to the appeal of the lure.

The MT Wake features a wide coffin lip that cuts through the water and easily deflects off of branches, rocks, and other cover. The oversized lip allows you to fish in and around heavier cover with ease. 

The MT Wake was designed with a small protrusion to protect the front hook from damaging the bait or dulling the hook. The rear hook is a larger size to increase hookup percentage.

The rear of the lure features a large #6 blade. It swings left to right as the lure is retrieved, creating added sound. The blade also helps to add flash and vibration to trigger bites.

Adding a larger blade will help to slow down the retrieve and decreasing the blade size will increase the speed the lure moves through the water.

The simplest way to fish the MT Wake is with a straight retrieve. The bait will roll and move through the water during the retrieve.

By using short twitches of the rod during your retrieve, the lure will wind and glide left to right to help generate bites.

  • Length: 95mm
  • Weight: 1.7oz