Deps Balisong Minnow 130

The Deps Balisong Minnow 130 is a larger sized jerkbait that has been meticulously engineered by Deps in Japan. It features a much larger profile than other jerkbaits, measuring in at 130mm. Because of its size, it is also heavier than your standard jerkbait. Its weight, coupled with its internal weight-transfer system means that you can really launch this bait out there!


Deps tested many of the popular jerkbaits on the market and found that they all produced fish when fished certain ways, but none could be fished with both slow and fast retrieves, or with soft or hard jerks. With their Balisong Minnow, they have perfected this. No matter how fast or hard you hit this lure it will always straighten out back to its center. It is still deadly erratic due to its weight system, which allows it to move side to side and up and down!




Collections: Freshwater, Jerkbait

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