Dead Horse Baits Lone Star Craw

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Each Dead Horse Baits Lone Star Craw is hand made by Mike McQuillen.  They come in two sizes a nice compact 5 1/2"  and a monster 7" long craws featuring silicone skirt legs, large claws, protruding eyes, and 6 great colors.  

Mike recommends a few different ways to rig them.

The Lone Star 5 1/2" Craw on an Owner 8/0 weighted beast hook works well for weedless presentations with the tie point of the hook in the tail. He recommends removing some of the plastic in the tail and then screwing it the center pin into the thick part of the tail.

A jig head can also be use for the 5 1/2", we suggest a Warbait Slayer Head 1/2oz or 3/4oz can be used.  The hook will be exposed but the jig head features a weed guard to help keep it from snagging.  

According to Mike, Neko rigging is very effective because it puts the craw in the defensive position and creates a ton of movement.  Removing a portion of the tail plastic and inserting a nail or neko weight is necessary for this technique.  He says to use a 4/0 to 5/0 hook and a 3/8oz to 3/4oz weight.

It also works great on a 1/2oz to 1oz swinging football head.

Foam sticks from a craft store can be inserted into the claws to make them float.  Check out some rigging videos below.

5 1/2" - 2 per pack

The Lone Star 7" Craw is a monster. The bait comes equipped with air cavities in both claws and the center of the body. You can fill the center cavity with sent to entice weary giants, you can also add high density foam chunks to the claws for the ultimate flat in your face defense position. The Lone Star 7" Craw rides perfect on a 10/0 weighted beast hook fro heavy cover and for an open jig head.  Just cut the center section of the Tail out and screw in the screw lock or thread it on a exposed Jig head. Small stinger treble hooks can be configured to the claws for the claw bitters as well. This bait has killed it in the fresh and salt water for numerous species.

7" - 1 per pack


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