Boomerang The Long Snip and Big Snip

The Boomerang Snip XL and Big Snip "Salty Dog" are perfect for cutting mono or braid.  The XL has an extra long set of cutters for reaching into hard to reach places.  These cutters cut braid, mono and fluorocarbon with ease.  The blades are stainless steel so rusting is kept at bay and the retractable cord allows you to attach it to most anything so you don't loose it.  The Big Snip is perfect for salt water applications or bigger line.  The whole snip is bigger and the teeth are made of thicker metal and bigger serrations to cut bigger line.  As always, they both come with a retractable lanyard and ring.



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Boomerang The Long Snip
Boomerang The Long Snip

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Boomerang The Big Snip
Boomerang The Big Snip "The Salty Dog"

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