Black Hole Challenger Bank Rods

If you've never fished a Black Hole Challenger Rod you're in for a treat.  Imagine a Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid meets a Shimano Terez.  The parabolic action of the Terez is apparent in the rod as it bends significantly under the strong load of a big fish.  That said, the Challenger series of rods has plenty of backbone to fight the fish and put significant pressure on it.  

The parabolic design takes much of the fish's power away and puts it into the rod instead of into your back and arms.  This slower action rod is preferred for it's ability to tire a fish out yet at the same time it keeps the fish pegged to the hook.  

Fast action rods can pull hooks due to the backbone starting closer to the tip and aren't able to account for braided or spectra lines either.  The slower the action the better it is for new braided lines due to the lack of stretch in the line.  The stretch now comes in the rod as it acts like an insurance policy when the fish makes a strong run or turns quickly during the fight.  The Black Hole Challenger Rod is the perfect balance between the too soft overly parabolic rods and the too heavy fast action rods.  

The materials are of the highest quality as well and Fuji Concept K guides are used throughout the lineup.  High density foam is used for both the fore grip and rear grip sections which gives a nice non-slip yet comfortable feel.  The Fuji trigger reel seat allows for easy casting and won't let the rod get away from you during the cast.  

To reduce the weight, every possible component has been lightened to reduce fatigue while fishing all day.  The rear section of the rod has been shaped to remove material from the middle section of the handle.  The rear part of the handle bells out so that during a cast the palm rests comfortably on the butt.  The fore grip is long enough and high enough to get significant amounts of pull on hard fighting fish and the comfortable shape fits your hand nicely.

If you are looking for a rod that is light, comfortable, powerful and has excellent casting attributes, the Black Hole Challenger Rods should be in your line up.  We are confident that they will quickly become one of your new favorite rods.



Oversize shipping fee may apply!  Especially with 8' and longer single piece rods.

All Rods are packaged with extreme care!

Being fisherman ourselves we take pride in not having rods break during shipping, to ensure they'll be enjoyed and fished. We make sure every rod is wrapped tightly with bubble wrap in the crucial areas and are suspended in a thick rod tube, to keep from being crushed or banged around.